Tuesday, 22 April 2008

They Killed My Blog

Because I've been cutting-and-pasting copyrighted material. Fuck 'em. I'm not going to stop.


The Queen said...

LOL - I wondered what happened.

I think I asked you before where you found all your interesting stuff and you said you'd have to kill me if you told me. Or something like that. Maybe it wasn't about cutting and pasting, maybe it was about death threats? Whatever. I'm sure no one will ever sztop the Great Basil from doing whatever the hell he wants.

Cairogal said...

Who killed the blog? Blogger?

laura said...

Yes, who did it?
I was a bit shocked to see that everything was gone!!!

Basil Epicurus said...

Yeah, blogger. Sorry it took this long to respond to your comments...they weren't emailed to my email account as usual (probably because of the whole cancelation thing).

Here's the text of the email I got:


We'd like to inform you that we've received another complaint regarding
your blog thearmchaironanist.blogspot.com. Upon review of your account,
we've noted that your blog has repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of
Service (http://www.blogger.com/terms.g). Given that we've provided you
with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy
towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog and
terminate your Blogger account.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Blogger Team