Monday, 2 June 2008

A Mad (Cow) Question

This question has been kind of driving me crazy, not because it's of any vital importance, but because I'm unsure where or to whom one would pose such a question, in order to gain a satisfactory (and accurate) answer. The question is this:

I was reading on the Interwebs about Neil Entwistle, 29, who murdered his wife Rachel, 27, a couple of years ago, in Massachussets. Now if he killed her 2 years ago, this means he was 27 when he did it. Does that mean she was 27 too? Or do they list their age at the time of the crime and keep it there?

I know I'm stoned, but it's a valid question.


zoss said...

apparently, she was 27, and so was he.

Basil Epicurus said...

Ahhh...the problem there is that if this drags on for another 15 years, someone just picking up the story would assume she married an older man.